'From everything to nothing' - Tigers star Irvine on life in lockdown


Hull City midfielder Jackson Irvine has found life without football rather strange after the coronavirus outbreak brought the Championship season to a halt.

The Tigers have endured a difficult campaign to date and were set to take on Charlton Athletic before the English Football League suspended all remaining fixtures indefinitely.

Languishing just two points above their relegation-threatened rivals, Irvine and co. have neither played nor trained in over 40 days as a result of the government-imposed lockdown. 

And though fearful supporters may view the season's suspension as a timely interception, the Socceroo admitted he's found the abrupt change completely "bizarre".

"As a footballer that is used to a day-to-day routine and structure, it is tough but I’m doing alright in what can only be described as bizarre times,” Irvine told the club's official website.

"It’s so bizarre to have a total break from football. To not even be able to watch live games on TV is so strange.

"Even during the summer breaks, there is usually one international tournament going on somewhere that you can watch.

"It always feels as though football never really leaves your life, but this has been a really strange time in that sense. It’s gone from everything to nothing!

"Obviously, I’m missing it all massively, more so because of that fact that we weren’t prepared for it.

"You can prepare for your summer break during the close season when you kind of want that time to switch off, but for it to happen in the middle of a season when you’re still in full training mode is really strange.

"It just feels as though the rug got pulled from underneath us.

"Being away from the changing room environment is a big thing as well. When you’re not going into your workplace on a daily basis, you do miss that aspect of it as well.

"You do miss the banter that flies around because being in a football dressing room is a very unique working environment."