Foster's FFA Cup match sees thousands raised for charity


Over $7,000 was raised for refugee charities during the FFA Cup match between Albion Park City and Coniston FC, which saw Craig Foster play the full 90 minutes in a cameo appearance.

49-year-old Foster dusted off the boots and lined-up for community club Albion Park in a bid to raise money for both 'Mums 4 Refugees' and 'SCARF Refugees'. 

Coniston, who play several divisions up in the Illawarra Premier League, ran out 6-0 winners but for most, the night was about helping to raise money for charity. 

For every minute that Foster played, two companies donated $20 each to the chosen charities. 

Albion Park announced the final donation would be $5,062.75 to 'Mums 4 Refugees' and $1,262.75 to 'SCARF Refugees'. 

Along with the 700-strong crowd at the ground, 24,000 viewers were counted across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 

Source SBS The World Game