FIFA lifts Myanmar ban

Football's governing body FIFA has lifted a ban on Myanmar's participation in the 2018 World Cup.

However a fine imposed over the violence wrought by the Asian state's supporters stays.

A 2014 World Cup qualifier between Myanmar and Oman in July was abandoned after home fans in the Yangon stadium pelted the pitch with rocks, shoes and water bottles.

FIFA confirmed the score at the time of interruption of the game at 2-0 for Oman, who had won the first leg of the game at the same score.

Beyond the 2014 World Cup, FIFA had also banned Myanmar from the following World Cup, and imposed a fine of $A27,400 on the team.

But on Monday, FIFA said it "decided that the appeal lodged by the Myanmar Football Federation be partially upheld."

"The exclusion of the Myanmar Football Federation from taking part in the matches of the preliminary competition for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia was annulled, and the Myanmar Football Federation will therefore be reintegrated into the preliminary competition," it added.

Myanmar would now have to play all its home matches of the 2018 qualifiers on neutral ground.

Source: AFP