FFA to appoint a National Indigenous Manager in 2021 as part of new era

Jada Whyman and a participant in the John Moriarty Football program Source: FFA

Football Federation Australia says they will appoint a National Indigenous Manager in the first quarter of 2021, as part of a "new era for Indigenous Football."

The governing body said they wanted to be leaders in the space and create more opportunities for Indigenous players. 

“In the XI Principles for the future of Australian football we recognise that our Indigenous heritage must be a critical component of Australian football’s identity and story, the need for clearer pathways, and to create more opportunities for Indigenous players, coaches and administrators to play and be involved in football,” Johnson said.

“It’s key that FFA becomes a leader in the Indigenous space. As part of the consultation process for the XI Principles, we have spoken with the Indigenous community over the past four months.

“One of the concrete outcomes of that process will be the appointment of a National Indigenous Manager in the first quarter of 2021.”

FFA Head of Game Development Sarah Walsh said increasing Indigenous participation was a priority. 

“We are fully focused on embedding Indigenous football into everything that we do with the goal of increasing Indigenous participation in our game at both the elite and community levels,” Walsh said. 

“From Harry Williams, John Moriarty and Karen Menzies, to Jade North, Lydia Williams and Kyah Simon, our game has been blessed with the talents of incredible Indigenous and First Nations footballers.

“To provide the opportunity for the next generation to continue to this tradition and to strengthen Indigenous participation at all levels of the game, we need to create stronger pathways and ensure they are integrated seamlessly into our current development system."