Ferguson wants timing overhaul

Sir Alex Ferguson has called for time keeping to be taken out of the control of referees after complaining about the amount added on during Manchester United's 3-2 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur.

Chris Foy played four additional minutes in the second half at Old Trafford.

United was unable to take advantage as it slumped to a surprise loss, which ended Tottenham's 23-year wait for a win at Old Trafford and left Ferguson's side four points adrift of Premier League leader Chelsea.

But the Scot was furious at what he believed was a lack of injury-time, which he felt did not take into account six substitions and some time-wasting tactics from the visitor.

And, as happens in rugby league, Ferguson feels referees should be stripped of the responsibility.

"It is a flaw in the game that referees are responsible for time-keeping," he told BBC Sport.

"It is nearly 2013 and the referee still has control of that.

"They gave four minutes. It is an insult. It is ridiculous. It is denying you the proper chance to win the football match.

"There were six substitutions and the trainer came on. That is four minutes right away.

"The goalkeeper must have wasted two minutes. They took their time at every goal kick. That is obvious to everyone."