Dortmund's eventful night as Cup tie against minnows postponed

Borussia Dortmund's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at SF Lotte's Frimo Stadion, prior to their DFB-Pokal clash being postponed Source: Getty Images

Borussia Dortmund's DFB-Pokal German Cup quarter-final at third-tier Sportfreunde Lotte was called off due to heavy snowfall, but only after the Bundesliga giant's bus was stuck in mud.

Dortmund, perhaps unfamiliar with the rural surroundings, ran into trouble on their way to Lotte, which is just over 115km north.

And, with the game under threat for most of the day due to the adverse weather conditions, Dortmund's team bus then literally got stuck in the mud, close by to the 10,000-capacity Frimo Stadion.

Fortunately for Thomas Tuchel's men, a tractor arrived at the scene to rescue Dortmund and take them to the stadium.

But upon arriving at the stadium, and after both manager's had announced their respective starting line-ups, the decision was made to postpone the match due to snow. 

Snowfall at SF Lotte's home ground is nothing new to the German minnows, with their round of 16 Cup clash only going ahead after fans answered the club's pre-game call to help move snow off the pitch.

The German football Federation said the postponed fixture, which is a dream match up for the third-tier club, will be re-scheduled to take place "as soon as possible."

Source SBS