Champions League draw: The possible last-16 clashes


The group stage of the UEFA Champions League is complete, but who could your team play in the last 16? We have examined the possibilities.

Some clubs had little difficulty booking their place, with Porto, Bayern Munich and Barcelona topping their respective groups unbeaten.

Juventus and holders Real Madrid also progress as group winners, despite suffering shock defeats on Thursday (AEDT) to Young Boys and CSKA Moscow, respectively.

Those who emerged as leaders in the round-robin phase will – theoretically at least – expect slightly kinder draws in the next round.

However, there are certainly a few jokers in the pack, with Atletico Madrid, Spurs, Liverpool and Manchester United all going through as runners-up.

For most, the knockout phase is when the Champions League really starts to build the intrigue, but there are rules in place preventing clubs from facing other sides from the same nation or group in the last 16.

So, who could each team end up drawing? We take a look at the draw scenarios. 


Borussia Dortmund: Ajax, Liverpool, Lyon, Manchester United, Roma, Tottenham 

Atletico Madrid: Bayern, Juventus, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Porto 


Barcelona: Liverpool, Schalke, Ajax, Lyon, Roma, Manchester United

Tottenham: Dortmund, PSG, Porto, Bayern, Real Madrid, Juventus


PSG: Atletico, Tottenham, Schalke, Ajax, Roma, Manchester United

Liverpool: Dortmund, Barcelona, Porto, Bayern, Real Madrid, Juventus 


Porto: Atletico, Spurs, Liverpool, Ajax, Lyon, Roma, Manchester United

Schalke: Barcelona, PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Juventus


Bayern: Atletico, Spurs, Liverpool, Lyon, Roma, Manchester United

Ajax: Dortmund, Barcelona, PSG, Porto, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Juventus 


Manchester City: Atletico, Schalke, Ajax, Roma

Lyon: Dortmund, Barcelona, Porto, Bayern, Real Madrid, Juventus


Real Madrid: Spurs, Liverpool, Schalke, Ajax, Lyon, Manchester United

Roma: Dortmund, Barcelona, PSG, Porto, Bayern, Manchester City 


Juventus: Atletico, Spurs, Liverpool, Schalke, Ajax, Lyon

Manchester United: Dortmund, Barcelona, PSG, Porto, Bayern, Real Madrid


When will the draw take place?

The teams will learn their next opponents on Monday night (AEDT) December 17 when the draw is made at UEFA's headquarters in Nyon.


When will the Champions League last-16 matches be played?

One half of the draw will play the first leg matches on 13 or 14 (AEDT) February, with the other four games contested a week later.

The return matches take place three weeks later, with the round completed on March 14 (AEDT).

Source Omnisport