Carbone dreams of coaching Sydney

Yearning for Sydney ... Benito Carbone scored twice in his brief Sydney FC spell (Getty Images)

Italian striker Benito Carbone, who wooed the crowds in a cameo appearance for Sydney FC in 2006, has revealed his dream of returning to his favourite city as coach.

Carbone, who has played for Napoli, Inter Milan and Aston Villa in a long career, wore the Sky Blues jersey three times as a guest player in the 2006-2007 A-League season but failed to secure a full-time contract.

"When I was forced to go back home I cried very hard," Carbone said from Milan, where he lives with his family.

"I was supposed to play four games but I suffered a hamstring injury in my third game against Central Coast and that was it.

"The club and I could not reach an agreement so I had to go home.

"I would have loved to stay on and I was devastated to leave but by the same token I said to myself that one day I will return to one of my favourite cities in the world ... I dream that one day I will become Sydney FC's manager in the A-League.

"I simply love Sydney which, along with New York, is my favourite city in the world.

"The lifestyle is fantastic and I would be great to get an opportunity to return one day.

"Sydney FC also is a big, big club and it is to Australia what Juventus is to Italy.

"I finished playing in 2010 and I am determined to become a senior coach but not just for the sake of becoming a coach or manager.

"I have a clear mind about what I would like to do, which is join a club and improve it across the board and win things.

"This is the second phase of my footballing career and already I have done some coaching in Italy's lower divisions.

"I still am passionate about the game but I am young and still have plenty of time to learn but I believe that I am prepared for the next step because I've had a long playing career and I've played under many coaches who have taught me a lot."

Carbone, who ended his association with Italian amateur club Saint-Christophe last season, is currently employed as a football analyst for Italian website Calciomercato.

Carbone, 42, said he had fond and lasting memories of his brief stint with the Sky Blues under Terry Butcher.

"I will never forget the love the Sydney fans showed me from day one," he said after finishing his analytical report on the Napoli-Roma match.

"From the very first moment that I stepped into the club I understood its culture and I liked it.

"My teammates welcomed me and the manager loved me.

"I have no doubt that my stay in Sydney was one of the best periods in my life but unfortunately it was too short.

"I will always recommend Sydney and the A-League to any of my friends.

"I really mean that and, who knows, one day my dream might come true."

Source: SBS