Brazil's Flamengo has most fans in world

Brazilian club Flamengo has the biggest fan base in the world, well ahead of Europe's big clubs, a Brazilian magazine has reported.

The five-time Brazilian champions have 32.6 million fans, according to the website of Mundo Estranho magazine.

Mexican clubs came in second and third - Chivas have 30.8 million supporters, and America 26.4 million.

The magazine's report was based on individual surveys in Britain and 10 other countries: Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, France and the Netherlands.

The surveys were conducted by respected polling institutes in each of the countries and most analysed figures from the past two years. Only Portugal had older numbers, from 2003.

The surveys did not take into consideration multinational fans, 'like Chinese people who support Manchester United', the magazine said.

Brazil's Corinthians were fourth on the list with 23 million fans, followed by Argentina's Boca Juniors (16.4 million), Italy's Juventus (16.3 million), Brazil's Sao Paulo (15.3 million) and Italy's AC Milan (13.4 million).

Spain's Real Madrid and Argentina's River Plate came next with 13.2 million supporters each.