• Alexis Sanchez continues to be one of the few bright spots for Arsenal. (Getty Images)
The UEFA Champions League is the best of the best, have any weaknesses and teams will expose them whether it's PSG against Barcelona or this morning's match of Bayern Munich v Arsenal.
Nick Stoll

16 Feb 2017 - 5:08 PM  UPDATED 16 Feb 2017 - 5:08 PM

Problem 1: Coquelin 

Francis Coquelin was humiliated when Eden Hazard brushed him off with ease on the way to scoring for Chelsea against Arsenal. The moment, as well as many other under-whelming performances this season have reminded people that Coquelin was on the bench for Charlton just three years ago. 

This morning he had a brain fade that cost Arsenal dearly. 

If there was one thing Wenger should have told his team - don't let Robben cut inside on his left foot and shoot to the far post. It took ten minutes. This also highlights problem number 2. 

Problem 2: Ozil

There is no doubt Mesut Ozil is a fantastically skillful player going forward, but defensively he is a liability. 

It's not just defensively that Ozil's lack of intensity is an issue. Here Ozil barely moves as Sanchez takes a penalty, has it saved, air-swings the rebound, manages to control it with his chest and scores.


This brings us to problem number three.

Problem 3: Sanchez's frustration

Arsenal are desperate to re-sign Alexis Sanchez, who appears increasingly frustrated with his teammates, whether it is Olivier Giroud celebrating a late equalizer against Bournemouth or his teammates failure to press in the first half against Bayern. 

He wasn't the only one frustrated as this video of Oxlade-Chamberlin shows. 

Problem 4: Defensive communication and intensity

This is how Bayern's second goal develops. Lahm makes a run forward to create a 2 v 1 with Robben against Kirean Gibbs. You have to wonder how a soon-to-be-retired 33-year-old full-back opens up such a gap on 20-year-old Alex Iwobi. 

Bayern's third goal was another example of the issue of poor communication and intensity. 

When Bayern had the ball, Alonso was given far too much space and Arsenal failed to close his passing options. 

Compare this to Bayern who shut off Arsenal's passing options and close down the man on the ball within one second. 

Problem 4: Set-piece defending. 

Arsenal had four attempts to clear the ball when Bayern scored their fourth goal, while Thiago remained free on the edge of the box the entire time. It was what Ozil's role was.


Problem 5: Poor individual decision making


Arsene Wenger has done wonderful things with Arsenal in the past, but the problems persist as do the same results. They are on-track for another Round of 16 exit. The Board is currently weighing up whether to give Wenger a new contract - and while their motivations are most not likely entirely football-based - this performance was not worthy of an extension. 

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