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Arsenal legend Wright compares Kerr with Aubameyang and Cavani


Arsenal legend Ian Wright has compared Matildas striker Sam Kerr to Arsenal striker Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Manchester United’s Edinson Cavani.

Speaking on Monday’s edition of ‘Wrighty’s House’ podcast, Wright sang the praises of the former Perth Glory forward. 

“Sam Kerr in respect to her as a striker - earlier on in the season we were talking about her missing chances - she reminds me of Cavani. The movement. Even Aubameyang to a certain extent.

"They’ve got unbelievable movement, but sometimes they miss certain chances. But their movement is so good that they get themselves into positions where all they should be really doing is finishing. Because the movement comes naturally. "

Wright, who scored over 330 goals in his career, was praising the Aussie after she scored a hat-trick in the FA Women's League Cup final that Chelsea beat Bristol City 6-0. 


"When you look at her goals the other day and where they were (on the pitch). Just bang - tap in, bang - tap in! 

"Watching a striker like that is something that I say to myself, they’re always going to score goals. At some stage, as we’ve seen with Cavani, he just gets boiling hot and he will get into a situation where he missed a chance and you’ll think how did he miss that?

"That’s Sam Kerr’s energy, with her movement and her finishing. The fact is that if you’re getting the ball in and around that area with this Chelsea side where - when you look at that team and even the bench - what Chelsea are capable of doing and what they did to Bristol City… (Wright starts laughing)... I’m laughing at the sheer brilliance of this side.

"They’re just like a monster. You can afford to miss chances when you got that movement because you’re going to get more chances. 

Wright's co-host, football writer and broadcaster Musa Okwonga, also was wowed by Kerr's performance. 

“The way that she combines with a variety of different players. You can put Ji So-yun in there. I remember when she first joined Ji So-yun was finding her immediately. Now she was on the bench this game. Then you have Reitern finding her, Kriby - their understanding is another level," Okwonga said. 

"It’s the way that Kerr peels wide. The thing about 9s is the ability to occupy the space on the edge of the six-yard box and then pull away to the edge of the box and play the link-up. 

"It’s sad because I watched a couple of games recently, you see it with Barcelona - the men’s team - and you see it with Chelsea's men side to an extent now. And they don’t have that predator attacking the six-yard box. Living there like it’s their habitat. 

"The thing about Kerr, the thing I love about the tap in is, someone who is comfortable 3, 4 yards from goal.

"Tap ins get a bad wrap actually, oh you know 'goal hangers' - no actually. It takes courage to be in that space, people don’t know that.

"The six-yard box is not a flat space, it’s actually like a mountain. It’s got altitude, and people get altitude sickness. They don’t like it. Some players hate going there.

"You see in basketball, some players don’t like driving into the paint because they get banged up. Some strikers don’t like the six-yard box, they fear it. 

Wright, now 57-years-old, agreed with Okwonga. 

"I always say just get in between the widths of the post, just stay in there. I know in these times strikers have to be going and doing other things. But just stay in there.

"You hear people say ‘oh he’s always in the right place in the right time’ - it’s not luck! 

"Because if you’re in a place where the ball has got to come past to get towards the goalkeeper that is trying to save it - you get yourself in between where that might be.

"At some stage, the ball is going to be in and around you and you’re going to be able to get something on it. It’s going to bounce down and you’re going to be able to hit it in. 

"For me, it feels very logical, as a striker, just to be in there. You can learn it. Cause I learnt it off Gary Lineker. 

"The higher you go you have to have more than just great skills. 

"There are games where you’re getting no chances, so you have to sniff one out. I have to move him here, so I can get to the near post and get half a yard. 

"Once I worked out how important half a yard was, my game went to a new place where I realised I could get somewhere in this game. 

Kerr came under some criticism early in the season for missing chances, but Wright said the criticism was misguided. 

“People always look at the misses, but 13 goals in 20 matches is unbelievable. 

Okwonga compared her early season stutter and the criticism that came with it to Thierry Henry, who failed to score in his first eight games at Arsenal. 

“I think she had a slow start. It’s one of those things where the initial thing creates the prejudice for later. (Thierry) Henry had that. 

Fellow co-host Ryan Hunn also paid tribute to Kerr.

"Look at the players she is keeping out of the Chelsea squad. She’s consistently been keeping Beth England out of the starting XI who was the player of the year last season - she is an elite striker," Hunn said. 

Wright finished by lauding the mentality of the Chelsea side who could complete the treble if they win the Women's Super League - where they currently sit first, and go on to win the Women's Champions League. 

"They’ve got such a ruthless mentality. With all due respect to Bristol City, they didn’t have a chance. Because the attitude and mentality of the Chelsea players is f**king elite."

Source SBS The World Game