Alan Jones compares A-League crowd violence to Paris attacks

Radio broadcaster Alan Jones has stirred controversy by comparing A-League crowd trouble to the Paris Terror attacks Source: AAP

Radio broadcaster Alan Jones has controversially compared the crowd violence among A-League fans to the recent Paris terror attacks.

The 4BC presenter's comments come after the names of 198 A-League fans banned from all Australian sports stadiums were leaked in a document which he branded the "soccer shame file." 

Jones also went on to refer to those who attended A-League games as “soccer louts.”

Speaking to Daily Telegraph Journalist Rebecca Wilson, Jones posed the question "Is this like terrorism in Paris? The leaders have no guts?" to which Wilson replied, "that's exactly right."

“Some of the extent of their offences would make your eyes water and would seriously make you question whether or not you would ever go to any A-League game at all" Wilson said.

Wilson also slammed the FFA who she accused of refusing to acknowledge the problem.

“So this is why they’ve got their heads in the sand at the FFA, if they don’t believe this is the worst sport in Australia for terrible offences that are committed between rival fans” she said.


Source SBS