A-League players hit back after being asked to take reported 80 per cent pay cut


Brisbane Roar's Jamie Young has expressed his frustrations after A-League players were asked to take an 80 percent pay cut to finish off the A-League season.

Despite Fox Sports paying FFA the remaining $12 million to complete this season's section of the broadcast deal, the players will only receive collectively less than $2 million of the payment, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph. 

Under normal circumstances, each club would receive around $800,000. 

Roar goalkeeper Young responded on Instagram, with several other A-League players showing their support by liking it, saying it was frustrating from a player's perspective. 

"It’s frustrating from the view of the players reading this article.

"This illustrates the difficulties the players have faced during the last 8 weeks. For FFA to make an offer of this amount after holding Fox Football for 3 weeks makes it challenging for all to resume the competition.

"Importantly, there needs to be clarity relating to the calculation of $5.7 million which typically goes to players’ wages, in contrast we are to receive less than $2million.

"In summary, more needs to be done by all stakeholders to secure the short-term and longevity of our game.

"We owe it to the footballing supporters of Australia to get it right and resume our competition.

"As stakeholders of Australian football it is our obligation to secure the short term and safeguard the longevity of our game in this country. This offer does not reflect this notion." 

FFA are hoping to complete the season before August. 

Source SBS The World Game