Dinamo Tbilisi vs Tottenham Hotspur

Current Score

  • Dinamo Tbilisi 0
  • Tottenham Hotspur 5

Match Profile

  • Time 2:00 AM AEST 23 August 2013
  • League UEFA Europa League
  • Leg 1
  • Venue Boris Paichadzis Erovnuli Stadioni
  • Attendance 22,500
Goal Scorers
Goal Scorers
  • A. Townsend
    • 12minutes
  • Paulinho
    • 44minutes
  • Soldado
    • 58minutes
    • 67minutes
  • D. Rose
    • 65minutes
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 0
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 2

Match Commentary

minute code event
90 COMMENT There will be one minute of stoppage time.
90 COMMENT FULL-TIME! The referee blows his whistle, putting Dinamo Tbilisi out of their misery as Spurs claim a 5-0 away win in this first leg. The hosts threatened on a few occasions, but Villas-Boas' men never looked like losing as they romped to a comfortable win and in some style too.
88 COMMENT Dvali and Rose go head-to-head near the corner flag. The Dinamo man claims a corner, while the Spurs defender wants a free kick for unfair pressure. The referee awards a corner.
85 COMMENT Another good chance for Dinamo. This time Grigalashvili's cross finds Vouho, but his half-volley goes wide of Lloris' left-hand post.
82 SI Substitute in D. Goga of Dinamo Tbilisi
82 SO Substitute out I. Dzaria of Dinamo Tbilisi
82 COMMENT Good attacking play from Dinamo. Dvali plays a brilliant through-ball into the area for Goga whose first touch allows Kaboul to get a foot in. However, the attack is still alive as Kaboul's clearance is smacked against Goga and falls for Khurtsilava. The wing-back drills a cross-cum-shot into the da
82 COMMENT D. Goga enters play, replacing I. Dzaria.
80 COMMENT Naughton gets forward down the right and crosses in towards Kane. Gvelesiani meets the delivery with his head, but not in particularly convincing fashion. Eventually Loria manages to collect the ball.
79 COMMENT After being on the wrong end of Spurs' domination until now, the Dinamo plays look devoid of any energy and interest as the final 10 minutes approach.
76 COMMENT Very good chance for Dinamo. Khurtsilava finds a way into the box and squares to Dvali who gets a shot away from near the penalty area, but Lloris gets down to make the save.
75 COMMENT Townsend - who has been excellent - comes inside from the right once again. He evades two opponents on his way to a more central position. Chadli is in plenty of space to Townsend's left, but he decides to shoot himself. However, the ball bounces up and his shot goes well wide.
74 COMMENT Dinamo look absolutely knackered out there. Spurs are playing at a slow tempo currently, but they look relatively fresh compared to their hosts. They look as though they could go up a gear in an instant.
72 SI Substitute in H. Kane of Tottenham Hotspur
72 SO Substitute out Soldado of Tottenham Hotspur
72 COMMENT Soldado is done for the day. H. Kane is his replacement.
71 SI Substitute in T. Carroll of Tottenham Hotspur
71 SO Substitute out Paulinho of Tottenham Hotspur
71 COMMENT Paulinho is replaced with T. Carroll.
71 COMMENT Two more substitutions for Spurs now as Tom Carroll and Harry Kane come on for Paulinho and Soldado.
69 COMMENT This is all getting a little embarrassing from Dinamo Tbilisi's perspective. How many more can Spurs get?
67 AS Assist by N. Chadli (Tottenham Hotspur)
67 G GOAL (Tottenham Hotspur): Scored by Soldado
67 COMMENT N. Chadli gave the assist.
67 COMMENT GOAL!!! FIVE for Spurs! Substitute Chadli is involved again as the Beglian crosses into the six yard box from the left and Soldado finds the net from close range. 
65 AS Assist by N. Chadli (Tottenham Hotspur)
65 G GOAL (Tottenham Hotspur): Scored by D. Rose
65 COMMENT The assist came from N. Chadli.
65 COMMENT GOAL!!! Tottenham get a fourth! Chadli took up possession just inside the Dinamo area, but instead of delivering himself, he feeds the ball back to Rose to curls a first-time shot into the top far corner. Fantastic finish.
63 COMMENT Good chance for Spurs as Soldado beats several men before laying a pass off to Paulinho. The Brazilian passes to his right for Townsend before running into the area. Townsend chips into the box, but Paulinho's over-head kick goes over the bar.
61 SI Substitute in N. Chadli of Tottenham Hotspur
61 SO Substitute out G. Sigurdsson of Tottenham Hotspur
61 COMMENT The free kick is delivered into the area but Lloris catches with ease. 
61 COMMENT G. Sigurðsson is replaced with N. Chadli.
60 YC Yellow card awarded to D. Rose of Tottenham Hotspur
60 COMMENT D. Rose gets yellow.
60 COMMENT They now appear to have very little to play for, but Dinamo are still probing for a goal. Khurtsilava draws a foul from Rose near the Tottenham penalty area, with the left-back earning a yellow card.
58 AS Assist by A. Townsend (Tottenham Hotspur)
58 G GOAL (Tottenham Hotspur): Scored by Soldado
58 COMMENT Khurtsilava involved again on the right wing for Dinamo. He finds space in behind Rose and plays a low cross into the box, but Naughton knocks it out for a corner.
58 COMMENT A. Townsend gave the assist.
58 COMMENT GOAL!!! Tottenham all but secure the win as they get a third goal! Townsend surged down the right and flew past Gvelesiani before cutting a simple pass back into the danger area which Soldado knocked past Loria for his second Spurs goal in two matches.
56 COMMENT Dembele skips past on tackle in the midfield and then glides past another marker. He lays the ball off to Paulinho who combines with Soldado three times, but the move comes unstuck as they get into the penalty area.
55 COMMENT The home side look a lot more up for this since half-time. They are pressing well and trying to impose themselves physically on Spurs.
53 COMMENT The free kick is fired into the Spurs penalty area, but it is easily dealt with by Villas-Boas' defenders.
52 COMMENT Brilliant skill from Merebashvili as he receives possession and drags the ball round and past Rose. However, Capoue comes in with a forceful tackle and knocks the Dinamo man down. Free kick.
50 COMMENT Dvali does well as he comes deep for the ball and then plays Khurtsilava down the flank. The right-back knocks the ball past Rose and shapes to cross, but the English full-back tackles well and takes the ball away.
47 COMMENT Promising start for Dinamo as Vouho is played into the area, but Dawson makes an important last-ditch tackle and concedes a corner.
47 COMMENT Dinamo's corner is met by Vouho's head, but Spurs hack it clear.
46 SI Substitute in G. Papava of Dinamo Tbilisi
46 SO Substitute out D. Glishić of Dinamo Tbilisi
46 COMMENT The referee emits a rather high-pitch noise and the players get the second half started.
46 COMMENT D. Glishić is done for the day. G. Papava is his replacement.
45 COMMENT HALF-TIME! Spurs take a 2-0 lead into the break as they set one foot into the Europa League groupstage. Andros Townsend and Etienne Capoue have starred in a half which has been totally dominated by Spurs. Villas-Boas will be a happy man.
45 COMMENT Half-time is approaching, but Rose has one last opportunity as he tries his luck from range and Loria gathers with ease.
44 AS Assist by A. Townsend (Tottenham Hotspur)
44 G GOAL (Tottenham Hotspur): Scored by Paulinho
44 COMMENT GOAL!!! Spurs double their lead! Naughton robs possession just outside the visitors' area before playing a one-two with Townsend. Eventually the winger is released down the wing and he beats Kvirkvelia twice before chipping a cross into the danger area for the charging Paulinho who nods past the goa
44 COMMENT A. Townsend gave the assist.
42 SI Substitute in D. Vouho of Dinamo Tbilisi
42 SO Substitute out Xisco Muñoz of Dinamo Tbilisi
42 COMMENT Free kick or Dinamo now on the halfway line. Sigurdsson seeks - and gets - his retribution as he dumps Khurtsilava on to the ground.
42 COMMENT It seems Xisco can no longer continue and he is replaced by the physical Ivorian forward Djilli Vouho.
42 COMMENT D. Vouho comes on for Xisco Muñoz.
39 COMMENT There is a problem for Dinamo now as Xisco seeks medical attention. The Spaniard appears to have picked up strained his hamstring.
38 YC Yellow card awarded to M. Dembélé of Tottenham Hotspur
38 COMMENT The Spurs corner follows a similar pattern to all that have gone before in this match as it comes to nothing.
38 COMMENT M. Dembélé is yellow-carded.
38 COMMENT Strong tackle from Dembele and he gets himself a yellow card. 
37 COMMENT Good work by Rose as he gets forward for the first time, really. When faced by Khurtsilava, he produces a step-over and then crosses, which Loria makes a mess of and punches behind for a corner.
35 COMMENT Twice in quick succession Spurs work the ball out to the left of the Dinamo area for Sigurdsson, but both times he gives the ball away after trying to cut inside. 
33 COMMENT Spurs have looked very assured and comfortable in midfield, but so far their final ball - particularly from Sigurdsson - has been far from good enough. 
31 COMMENT Promising Spurs move here. Sigurdsson and Soldado combine outside Dinamo's area, leaving the Iceland international with a clear run at the hosts' defence. He tries to poke the ball out wide for Naughton, but a defender makes the block.
29 YC Yellow card awarded to D. Khurtsilava of Dinamo Tbilisi
29 COMMENT Wild tackle from Khurtsilava as he goes flying in on Sigurdsson on the halfway line. Thanks to his late tackle he gets a yellow card.
29 COMMENT D. Khurtsilava gets yellow.
28 COMMENT Spurs are now enjoying some possession in their own half as they look to slow the tempo right down once again. 
26 COMMENT The corner comes to nothing, but they keep the ball in the attacking third. It falls to Xisco who looks to get beyond Dawson and cross, but the Spurs man deflects it behind. Amazingly, the officials failed to spot the block and Lloris gets a goal kick.
25 COMMENT Great save from Lloris! Kvirkvelia does well to find space down the left before crossing. Dvali diverts the delivery towards goal and the goalkeeper palms his effort around the post. Corner for the hosts.
23 COMMENT Dinamo string a few passes together well on the attack, but Xisco moves the ball back out to the right for Khurtsilava who lets the attack die by passing back to the halfway line. Spurs' pressing was very effective there.
22 COMMENT Sigurdsson steps up to the free kick and curls it towards the goal, but it misses the top corner by a matter of inches. Very good effort.
21 YC Yellow card awarded to G. Gvelesiani of Dinamo Tbilisi
21 COMMENT Lovely play from Townsend as he comes inside from the right, links up with Dembele before surging towards the area. He tries to play Soldado into the box, but a ricochet sees the ball land back at the winger's feet. After beating another marker he is hauled down by Gvelesiani 20 yards from goal.
21 COMMENT G. Gvelesiani receives a yellow card.
19 COMMENT Dinamo can hardly get a kick of the ball at the moment. On the rare occasions they do get possession, Spurs are quick to squeeze them into submission with some intense pressing.
17 COMMENT Once again Townsend causes trouble down the right. This time he takes his man on around the outside and crosses with his right foot. The delivery fails to beat the first man, but Dinamo make a mess of the clearance and Soldado shoots from a tight angle, only for the goalkeeper to make the save.
15 COMMENT Townsend cuts inside from the right, evading two players in the process. He lays the ball off for Sigurdsson who in turn finds Soldado, but the pass was really hammered at the Spaniard. He had no chance of controlling that.
14 COMMENT This has looked very easy for Spurs so far. Dinamo threatened briefly, but when they have the ball, Spurs' midfield look utterly domineering. This could be a long night for the hosts!
12 AS Assist by K. Naughton (Tottenham Hotspur)
12 G GOAL (Tottenham Hotspur): Scored by A. Townsend
12 COMMENT K. Naughton gave the assist.
12 COMMENT GOAL!!! Spurs take the lead and what a brilliant finish it was! Dinamo whipped the corner into the area, but Sigurdsson headed away and the visitors look to counterattack. Townsend took up possession in the middle of the Spurs half before advancing all the way to the edge of the Dinamo box, cut on t
11 COMMENT Encouraging play by the hosts. Sigurdsson gives the ball away inside the Spurs half and Grigalashvili bursts into the area. He shoots, but Kaboul gets an important block on to it. Corner for Dinamo.
10 COMMENT If you hadn't noticed, Capoue has looked impressive so far.
9 COMMENT Merebashvili finds himself in possession just inside the Dinamo half, but a loose touch invites Capoue on to him. The former Toulouse man spins around the Georgian with fantastic elegance before starting another attack.
7 COMMENT Dinamo give the ball away very cheaply in midfield and Capoue is straight on the attack. The Frenchman effortlessly breezes past two opponents before passing forward to Paulinho. With no one closing him down the Brazilian opts to shoot, but he fires well over the bar.
6 COMMENT Very promising move from Dinamo as they progress down the left, however it ends in disappointing fashion as Xisco - one of their most experienced players - drifts into an offside position on the left flank.
5 COMMENT The hosts have seen a good amount of the ball in the midfield so far, but Spurs' threesome of Dembele, Capoue and Paulinho have looked up to the task.
3 COMMENT Excellent defensive work from Dembele as he charges back to keep up with the advancing Gregalashvili and produces a well-timed tackle to steal possession back. 
1 COMMENT We're off in Georgia!
0 COMMENT Spurs fans will get to see new signing Etienne Capoue from the start today for the very first time. He joins fellow new boys Paulinho and Roberto Soldado in the starting eleven as Andre Villas-Boas names a very strong team for the tip to Georgia.
0 COMMENT Thanks for joinibg me tonight. I hope you enjoyed the action. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @RyanRyanBenson. Good night!
0 COMMENT And the Spurs team is: Lloris, Naughton, Kaboul, Dawson, Rose; Paulinho, Capoue; Townsend, Dembele, Sigurdsson; Soldado.SUBS: Friedel, Fryers, Walker, Carroll, Chadli, Coulthirst, Kane
0 COMMENT Should Spurs consider taking off their more important players now that they are comfortably in control here? Or should they look to get as many goals before resting players in the second leg? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter! Find me @RyanRyanBenson.
0 COMMENT Most of the hosts' players will be new of many, but viewers of Spanish football may recognise two names. Xisco Munoz, formerly of Valencia, Levante and - more famously - Real Betis, starts in attack. He finished with 24 league goals in 28 matches last season. On the bench the home side have another
0 COMMENT The Dinamo team tonight is: Loria; Khurtsilava, Gvelesiani, Kvaratskhelia, Glisic; Dzaria, Grigalashvili, Kvirkvelia; Merebashvili; Xisco, Dvali. SUBS: Goga, Ustaritz, Zarkua, Seturidze, Papava, Vouho, Khotcholava

Match Statistics

Dinamo TbilisiDTB

Goals 0
Yellow Cards 2
Fouls 7
Offsides 4
Corners 6
Shots on Target 4
Shots Blocked 2
Shots Wide 4
Free Kicks 15
Throw Ins 18
Goal Kicks 10

Tottenham HotspurTOT