Mexico vs New Zealand

Current Score

  • Mexico 5
  • New Zealand 1

Match Profile

Goal Scorers
  • P. Aguilar
    • 32minutes
  • R. Jiménez
    • 40minutes
  • O. Peralta
    • 48minutes
    • 80minutes
  • R. Márquez
    • 84minutes
Goal Scorers
  • C. James
    • 85minutes
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 2
Team Statistics
  • Goals at Half-time 0

Match Commentary

minute code event
90 COMMENT Jimenez lets fly and Moss makes another good save
89 YC Yellow card awarded to C. James of New Zealand
89 COMMENT C. James is yellow-carded.
86 COMMENT That was New Zealand's first shot on goal today
85 AS Assist by R. Fallon (New Zealand)
85 G GOAL (New Zealand): Scored by C. James
85 COMMENT R. Fallon provided the assist.
85 COMMENT Goal to New Zealand, scored by C. James!
85 COMMENT GOAL NEW ZEALAND! Mexico switches off after scoring the fifth and Fallon's header is volleyed home off the post by James. Probably just a consolation, but at least the Kiwis aren't shut out.
84 AS Assist by J. Escoboza (Mexico)
84 G GOAL (Mexico): Scored by R. Márquez
84 COMMENT GOAL MEXICO! Rafa Marquez with a header off a short corner kick makes it 5-0! Mission accomplished for El Tri, and more horrible marking from New Zealand
84 COMMENT The assist came from J. Escoboza.
84 COMMENT R. Márquez has scored a goal for Mexico!
81 SI Substitute in J. Molina of Mexico
81 SO Substitute out O. Peralta of Mexico
81 COMMENT Great cross by Layun from the left and Peralta still had plenty to do. The striker snapped a header to the far post as he was moving backwards to make it 4-0
81 COMMENT J. Molina comes on for O. Peralta.
80 AS Assist by M. Layún (Mexico)
80 G GOAL (Mexico): Scored by O. Peralta
80 COMMENT GOAL MEXICO! Peralta with a header and now, surely, Mexico will be in Brazil next summer!
80 COMMENT M. Layún gave the assist.
80 COMMENT Layun with a rip from distance, but Moss with a diving save! The goalkeeper is probably the only Kiwi to have a good game today
80 COMMENT O. Peralta has scored a goal for [team]!
77 COMMENT Penalty shout for Mexico! Lochhead with an awkward spinning routine, and he handles the ball after it bounces off the ground, but the referee waves claims away
76 YC Yellow card awarded to L. Bertos of New Zealand
76 COMMENT L. Bertos goes into the referee's book.
73 COMMENT Off the ensuing corner, Marquez is all alone, and his sidefooted volley goes just wide. More awful marking from the Kiwis
72 COMMENT Marquez hits the free kick and it's a good one, heading for the far corner, but Moss dives and punches away well
71 YC Yellow card awarded to A. Durante of New Zealand
71 COMMENT A. Durante is yellow-carded.
71 COMMENT Durante picks up a yellow card after a tough challenge on Aguilar. The defender was a split second late, and bowled over the Mexico right wing back
69 COMMENT Escoboza gets a good cross off, but New Zealand defends that one well, otherwise Jimenez would've had his second
67 SI Substitute in R. Fallon of New Zealand
67 SO Substitute out C. Wood of New Zealand
67 COMMENT R. Fallon comes on for C. Wood.
65 COMMENT New Zealand pressing higher up the field when Mexico has the ball now. Could be a disaster, but probably necessary at this point
64 SI Substitute in J. Escoboza of Mexico
64 SO Substitute out C. Peña of Mexico
64 COMMENT C. Peña is done for the day. J. Escoboza is his replacement.
63 COMMENT 20-year-old Escoboza now on, making just his third international appearance.
61 COMMENT Slightly more positive possession for the Kiwis now, but nothing really troubling Munoz in goal, as the Mexico backline has stood firm
59 SI Substitute in M. Rojas of New Zealand
59 SO Substitute out J. Brockie of New Zealand
59 SI Substitute in Sinha of Mexico
59 SO Substitute out L. Montes of Mexico
59 COMMENT Montes out for Mexico, and the veteran Sinha is on in his place
59 COMMENT J. Brockie is done for the day. M. Rojas is his replacement.
59 COMMENT L. Montes is replaced with Sinha.
57 YC Yellow card awarded to I. Vicelich of New Zealand
57 COMMENT I. Vicelich is yellow-carded.
56 COMMENT Free kick for New Zealand is eventually cleared away. The Kiwis will likely need to take advantage of those chances if they're to get anything from this game
53 SI Substitute in C. James of New Zealand
53 SO Substitute out J. Christie of New Zealand
53 COMMENT Montes fires just high from the top of the box, and he must have been shocked to see absolutely nobody marking him as he dribbled
53 COMMENT C. James enters the game and replaces J. Christie.
52 COMMENT The Kiwis may have to attack a bit now. Even a 3-0 deficit at home would probably be too much to overcome. Of course, it's way more likely to get worse for them with 40 minutes still to play
49 COMMENT Marquez finds Layun down the left side and the America man's low pull back finds a wide open Peralta, who has the easiest of tasks from six yards out. More slack marking from the Kiwis
48 AS Assist by M. Layún (Mexico)
48 G GOAL (Mexico): Scored by O. Peralta
48 COMMENT GOAL MEXICO! Peralta finishes from close and El Tri has one foot in the World Cup!!
48 COMMENT Assist by M. Layún.
48 COMMENT Goal to [team], scored by O. Peralta!
47 COMMENT Wood just high and wide! The striker cuts in from the right and shoots just wide of the far corner. Closest New Zealand has come so far
46 COMMENT We are underway in the second half!
45 COMMENT Free kick chance for New Zealand before the half from the left flank
43 COMMENT This is just a shooting gallery right now for El Tri. New Zealand needs to get into halftime at 2-0 and try to regroup
40 AS Assist by C. Peña (Mexico)
40 G GOAL (Mexico): Scored by R. Jiménez
40 COMMENT Mexico score a goal through R. Jiménez!
40 COMMENT GOAL MEXICO! Jimenez scores a header from inside the six-yard box off the ensuing corner. Horrible marking by the Kiwis, who allowed Pena to win the initial header inside the box with nobody around him.
40 COMMENT The assist came from C. Peña.
39 COMMENT Two huge saves by Moss! First he denies Pena from close, then dives to keep out a ridiculous flying back-heel volley by Jimenez
37 COMMENT Goal Mexico! But it's waved off for offside! Aguilar's shot is poked home by Peralta from close range, and upon replay, the linesman got that one right. Still worrying for New Zealand
36 COMMENT Huge task now for New Zealand, which can't afford to concede much more, but still can't hold onto the ball
33 COMMENT Montes puts a cross in and Durante runs into his onrushing keeper when heading away, and Aguilar steals in to finish into an open net.
32 G GOAL (Mexico): Scored by P. Aguilar
32 COMMENT Goal to Mexico, scored by Paul Aguilar!
32 COMMENT GOAL MEXICO! Paul Aguilar cleans up a rebound and that had been coming for a long time.
30 COMMENT Mexico's center backs spending more time on New Zealand's half than their own. Complete domination for El Tri so far except, of course, on the scoreboard
27 COMMENT Now Jimenez with a breakaway chance, but his shot goes straight into Moss's arms. The America striker needs to do better there
26 COMMENT 86% possession for Mexico so far
25 COMMENT Things looking very ominous thus far for the Kiwis, who really can't keep hold of the ball for long and have been constantly under pressure
24 COMMENT Maza off the crossbar! The defender lets fly from distance and his powerful strike is tipped onto the bar by Moss. Great strike
22 COMMENT Layun cuts in but his shot dribbles wide. Plenty of pressure from El Tri so far, but no paydirt
18 COMMENT New Zealand clears off the line! So close to the opener for Mexico! Jimenez with a flying volley from close and Moss punches it away. So close, but didn't appear to cross the line
17 COMMENT Chance for El Tri! Peralta heads wide from close range after getting in between the center backs. Should've done better there
16 YC Yellow card awarded to C. Wood of New Zealand
16 COMMENT Wood goes up for a long clearance and gets his elbow up on Marquez, earning a yellow card. He's now out for the second leg. Big loss for New Zealand
16 COMMENT C. Wood goes into the referee's book.
16 COMMENT Wood goes up for a long clearance and gets his elbow up on Marquez, earning a yellow card. He's now out for the second leg. Big loss for New Zealand
13 COMMENT Jimenez found all alone behind the defense, but Durante comes over to tackle away. Warning sign for the Kiwis
12 COMMENT Moss with some dodgy goalkeeping there, coming off his line to punch away, but he can only get a slight hand on the ball, allowing Jimenez to shoot from distance with the goal open, but his shot is blocked
10 COMMENT Good delivery by Lochhead but just a bit high at the far post. Set pieces will likely be the Kiwis' best chance to score today
9 COMMENT Finally, New Zealand gets the ball in Mexico's half, and Maza tackles Brockie to earn a free kick
7 COMMENT Pena with an opening, but he can't get a decent cross in. Aguilar then collects on the right flank before shooting well wide. With New Zealand looking compact, Mexico will have some space wide
5 COMMENT Plenty of possession for El Tri, but no penetration as yet. Vicelich with a clearance for the Kiwis
2 COMMENT Mexico with early possession, and the Kiwis looking to clear up to lone striker Chris Wood when they get the ball
1 COMMENT We are underway!
0 COMMENT For New Zealand, defense and staying behind the ball will be key. The Kiwis' formation will likely look like a 5-4-1 for most of the game, as the team looks to take a manageable scoreline into next week's second leg at home
0 COMMENT Anthems are over and we're just about ready!
0 COMMENT That's it! Mexico completely dominates New Zealand 5-1 and barring a complete collapse next week in Wellington, El Tri will be in Brazil next summer
0 COMMENT Here is today's Mexico starting XI (5-3-2): Muñoz, Layún, Márquez, Valenzuela, Rodriguez, Aguilar; Medina, Montes, Peña; Peralta, Jiménez
0 COMMENT For Mexico, seven of the 11 starters come from Club America, new coach Miguel Herrera's former team. Not a huge surprise, as they'll be used to playing his 5-3-2 system which converts to 3-5-2 when El Tri is in attack
0 COMMENT Here come the teams onto the field at the Azteca. New Zealand, known as the All Whites, are ironically in all black.
0 COMMENT Halftime. A great performance for Mexico, and equally terrible from New Zealand. It's 2-0 and it could be 5-0 easily. 82% possession for El Tri
0 COMMENT Hello and good afternoon! Welcome to Goal USA's coverage of today's World Cup qualifying playoff first leg between Mexico and New Zealand. I'm Seth Vertelney and I'll take you through all of today's action
0 COMMENT Here's the New Zealand lineup: Moss, Lochhead, Smith, Bertos, McGlinchey, Vicelich, Brockie, Barbarouses, Wood, Christie, Durante - No Smeltz, Rojas.

Match Statistics


Possession (%) 69
Goals 5
Yellow Cards 0
Fouls 7
Offsides 6
Corners 9
Shots on Target 8
Shots Blocked 2
Shots Wide 10
Free Kicks 12
Throw Ins 16
Goal Kicks 6

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