• The clash between Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho, left, and Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, right, is one of many highlights this season. (AFP)
All the information about SBS's coverage of the Premier League, which commences with the 2016-2017 campaign.

5 May 2016 - 12:24 PM  UPDATED 23 May 2017 - 9:17 PM

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How to watch the LIVE football on SBS this week
The LIVE football continues on SBS this week, headlined by Chelsea taking on Arsenal in the FA Cup final, while Barcelona meet Alaves in the Copa del Rey final.

How many games will SBS show per week?

Coverage of the 2016-2017 season will see one live match on SBS each round, along with a weekly wrap on The World Game show on Monday nights on SBS in HD.

The Premier League will also be available for live-stream via The World Game app. To access the app:  

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Will Premier League games be on SBS HD?

Yes, you can catch each SBS match live on SBS in HD.

What times will the matches be on?

Premier League Saturday matches on SBS will kick-off between 9:30pm (Australian Eastern time) and 2am. For mid-week rounds check your local guides.

Will matches be available On Demand or replayed?

Unfortunately the matches will not be available On Demand, however there will be a replay of the Saturday night match on SBS on Sunday mornings.

When will we know what matches are on SBS?

SBS Premier League live match schedule

Saturday August 13 from 9:00pm (AEST): Hull City v Leicester City

Saturday August 20 from 11:30pm (AEST): Burnley v Liverpool

Saturday August 27 from 9:00pm (AEST): Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

Saturday September 10 from 9:00pm (AEST): Manchester United v Manchester City

Saturday September 17 from 11:30pm (AEST): Hull City v Arsenal

Saturday September 24 from 9:00pm (AEST): Manchester United v Leicester City

Saturday October 1 from 9:00pm (AEST): Swansea City v Liverpool

Sunday October 16 from 12:30am (AEDT): Manchester City v Everton

Saturday October 22 from 10:00pm (AEDT): Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur

Sunday October 30 from 12:30am (AEDT): Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City

Sunday November 6 from 1:30am (AEDT): Manchester City v Middlesbrough

Saturday November 19 from 11:00pm (AEDT): Manchester United v Arsenal

Sunday November 27 from 1:30am (AEDT): Liverpool v Sunderland

Saturday December 3 from 11:00pm (AEDT): Manchester City v Chelsea

Sunday December 11 from 1:30am (AEDT): Arsenal v Stoke City

Thursday December 15 from 6:30am (AEDT): Crystal Palace v Manchester United

Saturday December 17 from 11:00pm (AEDT): Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Thursday December 29 from 6:15am (AEDT): Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur

Sunday January 1 from 1:30am (AEDT): Manchester United v Middlesbrough

Wednesday January 4 from 6:15am (AEDT): Bournemouth v Arsenal

Saturday January 14 from 11:00pm (AEDT): Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion

Saturday January 21 from 11:00pm (AEDT): Liverpool v Swansea City

Thursday February 2 from 6:15am (AEDT): West Ham United v Manchester City

Saturday February 4 at 11:00pm (AEDT): Chelsea v Arsenal

Sunday February 12 at 1:30am (AEDT): Manchester United v Watford

Sunday February 26 at 1:30am (AEDT): Chelsea v Swansea City

Saturday March 4 at 11:00pm (AEDT): Manchester United v Bournemouth

Sunday March 12 from 1:30am (AEDT): Everton v West Bromwich Albion

Saturday March 18 from 11:00pm (AEDT): West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal

Saturday April 1 from 10:00pm (AEDT): Liverpool v Everton

Thursday April 6 from 4:15am (AEST): Arsenal v West Ham United

Saturday April 8 from 9:00pm (AEST): Tottenham Hotspur v Watford

Saturday April 15 from 9:00pm (AEST): Tottenham Hotspur v Bournemouth

Saturday April 22 from 11:30pm (AEST): West Ham United v Everton

Saturday April 29 from 11:30pm (AEST): Sunderland v Bournemouth

Saturday May 6 from 9:00pm (AEST): Manchester City v Crystal Palace

Saturday May 13 from 11:30pm (AEST): Sunderland v Swansea City

Sunday May 21 from 11:30pm (AEST): Liverpool v Middlesbrough

Will Premier League highlights be available?

There will be highlights of all Premier League matches across all SBS platforms.

Will SBS have pre and post-match analysis?

Yes, hosted by Lucy Zelic and Craig Foster. Similar to our UEFA Champions League and A-League LIVE matches.

Is the World Cup still on SBS?


SBS will retain free-to-air rights to 25 of the 64 matches at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This includes one live match per day and SBS will have first pick of the match, including the opening game and all Australian matches.

The deal also secures the free-to-air broadcast of four matches from the round of 16, two quarter-finals, both semi-finals and the final.

SBS will have a daily highlights show, showcasing every match from the tournament.

What about the other World Cup matches?

Optus will have rights to the whole tournament, with 39 exclusive live matches.

SBS strike EPL deal with Optus
SBS and Optus today announced two new deals in which football fans across Australia will be able to watch more than double the number of international football matches, including the English Premier League on free-to-air TV.

So what other Football does SBS have in 2016?

  • September – UEFA Champions League: One game per match week on Wednesday mornings (LIVE in HD).
  • October – A-League: Friday night regular season matches (LIVE on SBS2). All Finals matches are on a one hour delay.
  • 21 October – FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup Final (LIVE in HD)
  • 3 December – FIFA Women’s Under-20 World Cup Final (LIVE in HD)